SKorea to take part in Jordan infrastructure projects (AFP) 

SEOUL (AFP) — South Korea agreed Monday to take part in major infrastructure projects in Jordan when King Abdullah II held talks with President Lee Myung-Bak, Lee's office said.
The Jordanian monarch arrived on Sunday for a three-day state visit.
He explained plans to build nuclear power plants, a waterway linking the Red and Dead seas and desalination facilities and asked for South Korean companies to take part, Lee's office said in a statement.
"In response, Lee promised to help South Korean firms take part in the Jordanian infrastructure projects, " it said.
Lee and Abdullah witnessed the signing of memorandums of understanding on closer cooperation in atomic power generation and waterway construction.
The two countries' trade and commerce promotion agencies reached separate MOUs on closer cooperation.
Resource-poor Jordan plans to generate 30 percent of its electricity from nuclear power by 2040.
It also plans to spend about 4.5 billion dollars over the next decade on building a waterway between the Red and Dead seas to arrest the fall in the Dead Sea's water level.
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