IRS now sending refunds to nearly 10 million who got unemployment checks. Will you get a $10,200 tax break?

But several well-placed bankers and investors told The Mail on Sunday they thought the activist would push for more than simply accelerating Walmsley’s demerger plan. Walmsley has faced criticism for moving too slowly.

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That’s its modus operandi. It’s in it for shareholder returns as fast as it can get. Splitting in two more quickly isn’t going to make a difference. If you shake up management, again that will cause a hiatus. 

«This new clarification from the IRS is good news for the millions of taxpayers impacted, but may still be confusing,» said Mark Steber, chief tax officer for Jackson Hewitt. «Some taxpayers may have questions as to the timing of any payment and whether it will come in a check or other form.» 

Refunds will go out as a direct deposit if the taxpayer provided bank account information on their 2020 tax return. Otherwise, the refund will be mailed as a paper check to the address the IRS has on hand.

 Elliott, founded by Wall Street billionaire Paul Singer, has a reputation for sparking major strategic overhauls after waging successful campaigns against other corporates including yogurt giant Danone, drinks maker SABMiller and hospitality firm Whitbread. 

‘It’s plausible it could be looking to break the company up even more, or get it to merge with another company.’ But the source added: ‘Would the UK Government allow Glaxo to be sold to a foreign company?


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A sweeping cultural revolution has taken possession of all the commanding heights of society, slowly, stealthily and without in any way seeking or wanting the approval of the great majority of the people.

This is why it has now become a matter for the Government. Unless freedom of thought and speech are defended by the highest in the land, and unless the gains of the cultural Left are reversed in schools, universities, broadcasting and elsewhere, the rule of wokery will just continue until nobody dare resist it at all.

Those in positions of authority either actively support it or are unwilling to stand up against it.

And so it grows, to such an extent that a conductor on a railway train has been publicly disowned by his employers for calling passengers ‘ladies and gentlemen’, words which apparently offended a non-binary passenger. And, as we laugh, we also grasp that this is normal and that the conductor had better watch out in future.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that BlackRock — GSK’s biggest investor and the world’s largest asset manager — plus its fifth largest shareholder Dodge & Cox, along with Royal London, have all contacted the pharmaceutical firm’s chairman to pledge support ahead of a battle with Elliott Management. 

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There is no public demand for it. arty now suffers at the polls, at least partly because people (not wholly incorrectly) associate it with the ferocious intolerance of the new sexual and cultural revolutionaries. When Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner took the knee last year, they may well have ensured their recent defeat in Hartlepool.

A rival activist fund manager said: ‘Elliott has probably got a buyer to do a merger for the pharma business in the States. There will be synergies. It’ll be a mega-cap.’ Another large investor said Elliott was unlikely to want a merger with AstraZeneca, adding: ‘I can’t see the boards being willing to throw in the towel.’ 

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