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November 24 — November 30, budgeting tricks
Perm Region continued experiencing the crisis. Banks and budget organizations were affected. Both regional and city budgets were adopted last week with serious corrections, taken the economic situation. Look for details in the weekly report of UralPolit.Ru.
Corrections to the budgets
City Duma of Perm was torn by the desire to keep the budget’s surplus and by the necessity to face tough consequences of the financial crisis. After hot discussions the new edition of the budget-2009 was adopted with 15.17 billion rubles of planned revenue and 14.1 billion for spending items, yet leaving net surplus of 1.06 billion rubles.
Budget of the Perm Region also became a subject of dispute. Deputies of the Communist Party, Gennady Kuzmitsky and Pavel Makarov, expressed strong doubts that the Region will get 18 billion rubles of revenue in VAT. They predict only half of this amount. They also doubt automobile roads construction investment program would act as buffer as the regional government hopes.
Banking crisis
Aleksey Monochkov was appointed new director of the Chief administration of the Central Bank of Russia in the Perm Region. He used to serve in similar positions in Chukotka Autonomous District and Saratov Region prior to this assignment.
On November 26, customers of EcoNatsBank got hope that they would be reimbursed according to the system of deposit insurance. The bank’s license was recalled earlier in November, which is considered an insured event. Now about 4000 account holders of the bank may reclaim 545 million rubles.
Black list of tax debtors
Tax service of the Perm Region published the list of companies whose debts in taxes exceed 1 million rubles. The list includes leading retailers, construction companies, car dealers and industrial enterprises of the region, such as PermInvestBank, Machine Building Plant named after Dzerzhinsky, Lysva Metallurgical Plant and Perm Airlines. Total number of debtor-companies is 427.
Some of the companies already face bankruptcy proceedings.
Re-branding in the communal sphere
Energy distribution company KES-Prikamie will change its name, reported the company’s director Nikolai Oschepkov. The new title chosen is «Communal Systems — Prikamie», or CS-Prikamie. The old name referred to KES-Holding (same as IES-Holding), which the Perm’s dealer was a part of several years ago. Now there is no connection between the two organizations, and change of title seems only logical.
Frozen deal
Oleg Chirkunov, who is generally considered to be a beneficiary of the group of companies EKS, apparently decided not to sell retailer net of supermarkets Semiya to Penta Investments.
Penta Investments and EKS were not able to come to common grounds regarding the price of the deal. Additionally, such big purchase is now affected by the credit crunch and high interest rates, told Martin Danko, press secretary of Penta Investments, to UralPolit.Ru. «Refusal to strike this deal is not connected with our strategy and operations in the Russian market. We continue searching for opportunities for new deals in Russia, where we see many interesting investment opportunities», said Mr. Danko.
“Heroin chronicles” of Prikamie
City of Lysva, Perm Region, appeared in the regional and federal news feeds last week due to extraordinary high number of cases of drug overdose — over 50 people were hospitalized and one person died within one week, which is a very big number for a relatively small town. Local prosecution reported that according to their investigative information high quality heroin was brought into the city. «Since the quality and therefore concentration of the drug was higher, but yet it was injected in the same dosages, it all lead to a big number of OD cases», said Igor Gordeev, deputy prosecutor of Lysva.
On November 21 an interdepartmental meeting of prosecution, drug control service and militia was held in Lysva devoted to the problem of stabilizing situation.
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