Don't forget the mobile version of jkOnTheRun [jkOnTheRun] 

We are a mobile tech site so it's only fitting that we provide the best way to get our stuff even when you are mobile. We've been testing a mobile version that is working well so we want to make sure you have it in your mobile bookmarks. This version provides the the titles of the most recent posts on jkOnTheRun and an image thumbnail if your mobile browser supports it. I've tested this on the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1 and the Blackberry Storm and the home page displays the thumbnails on all but the Storm. Everything works as it should though and you'll find it loads the full articles fast and with all images. Give it a spin and let us know how you like it. It works really well for me so far and I'm enjoying it. It lets me keep up with all that posting Kevin does when I'm screwing off running around. The URL is simple— m.jkontherun.com. Here's what it looks like on the iPhone:
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