Россияне ответили на угрозы Порошенко
Россияне ответили на угрозы Порошенко

MidiKit 3.1 — MIDI batch editor and browser. (Shareware) 

MidiKit 3.1MidiKit is a MIDI file browser/editor and batch processor. The browser quickly displays the most significant information about MIDI files. The editor allows native SMF editing with unlimited undo/redo capacity. Finally, MidiKit allows you to apply several operations on your MIDI files by batch processing entire disks at a time. WHAT'S NEWVersion 3.1: The SMF editor now allows pasteboard operations and multiple selection. Assisted editing of many system exclusive messages. Html Help. Bug fixes.
Version 3.0: Info window with preview player. New native SMF editor with unlimited undo/redo. Html Help. Universal binary, totally rewritten using Cocoa/Objective-C. Fully Leopard compatible.
REQUIREMENTSMac OS X 10.3.9 or later. DEVELOPERMIXAGE Software DOWNLOADS307 DOWNLOAD NOW (898 K) More information
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